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PostSubject: Moved to new forum   Moved to new forum EmptySun Mar 08, 2009 2:20 am

We've moved. Click here to visit the new address.

If you have problems logging in there, download and install the free browser Firefox.
You can find it here. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

Because of the ads here, this site will be dismantled shortly. I expected it to take a few months to set up at a new server but, with some applied vigor the new forum is ready. Some updates will be implemented later. If you have not registered there please do so now. And then post so we know your there and state your real identity if your user ID does not. Failure to post your real identity will result in the removal of your account. This is only done to keep bots and spiders out. We wish to keep this site open for only our brothers and sisters.

[ Bots and spiders are called crawlers and frequent web sites with high hits to enter them into their search engines.]

The other forums here will locked down and eventually deleted. After a couple months, this site will go offline forever.
You may continue to post in this forum only, and only for a short time. This forum is just for those who log in here later and find that we are not here anymore.
It was fun to have these options, (some that the other site does not offer) but the operators lied about it being a ad-free site.

Take some time to set up your user account there on the control panel. After a while you will see its almost the same as forumotion. It just has a diffrent feel about it.

good bye.

The Administrator [AKA Wayno] - (ORN Querier) - {alias Wayne Carey}
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Moved to new forum
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